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Our mission and our motto is “Peace for all beings”

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Daisy & Elmer

Daisy and Elmer. Daisy was born a special needs calf. She was born with no fur. Being born on a dairy farm she would have had a life of being bred time and again for her milk, which in turn becomes ice cream, cheese, milk for humans. Thankfully the dairy farmer realized Daisy needed a better life and called us. I of course said YES ! Providing that they also gave us a boy calf. Male calves don’t stand a chance on a dairy farm. They are taken away from their mothers almost immediately after birth and sold at auction without ever knowing their mama. That is how we got Elmer. He was a runt, so doubly cursed living on a dairy farm. Daisy now has some fur. She is bald around her eyes, her neck and a little on her feet. It is a hereditary trait. Both Daisy and Elmer are Holsteins and weigh about 900 lbs. a piece and will continue to grow for a few more months. We feel blessed that the dairy farmer wanted them to have a good life and chose us to give it to them.