Shangri La Farm

Our mission and our motto is “Peace for all beings”

About us

Mr Clyde and Miss Bonnie Lou

Mr. Clyde and Miss Bonnie Lou lived outside for 3 years. They experienced Ohio’s hot Summers, rain, cold, snow, all this with no shelter. Every time the SPCA or Sheriff would cite the “owners” they would feed them and water them for a week and then let them be. A kind sheriff finally had had enough. He bought them Igloo dog houses for shelter, fed them and gave the owner a chance to surrender them or be fined and or have charges brought against them. The owner conceded to let them go. Shangri La got the call and away we went. We had to build their “pasture area” with fencing, and a house for them that Jeff built from the ground up by hand. Finally! They were ready to come home!